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The Raven Boys

The Raven Boys - Maggie Stiefvater “Is this how we make our way to death? Blue wondered. A stumbling fade-out instead of a self-aware finale?”

This is the first book that i have picked up and finished in quite a while. And by that i mean I sadly was in a slump for over a month and a half. That is a really long time to not be reading for me.

I went into The Raven Boys basically blind. I had briefly read the back of the book many months ago when I first bought it. Other than that i had no idea what this book was about, despite it being very popular on the internet, I was able to avoid spoilers. I absolutely loved this book. The plot, the characters, and the writing. The writing was gorgeous, and flowing, and seemed to match the characters.

The beginning of the book felt a little slow to me. It took me a little while to really get into it, but when I did it became more fast paced and I read the rest of the book very quickly.

I loved the plot itself. I was continuously being surprised by events that were happening. There was so much that I did not see coming. I also just loved all the involvement of History and psychics. I loved all the characters too. There was just something to love about all of them. I could also relate to to most of them on one thing or another. Not to mention all the character development that went on during the plot of this book.

The Replacement

The Replacement - Brenna Yovanoff Personally the writing felt only okay. It wasn’t anything spectacular. But it wasn’t horrible either. It felt to me as if the only character that developed was Mackie. The other characters felt like they were just kind of there.

The story started out strong. It was creepy and mysterious, but nothing really happened till I was past half way in the book. I was also quite confused at times. There were gaps where the author would jump from one time and place to another on the same page. And I had to try and figure out what was happening all over again.

Although the plot was only alright for me, I absolutely loved the world building. The author went into details of the history of the town, Gentry and explained what everybody felt towards what was happening in the town. I thought the world and ideas in this book were great and original. I don’t think I’ve heard of anything like this before.

Overall the book was okay. I loved some parts, but other parts were just meh.

All the Bright Places

All the Bright Places - Jennifer Niven I enjoyed reading it well enough, but it did not stand out as one of the best books of all time to me.

I read this book for pretty obvious reasons. It was super popular and hyped. So I finally picked it up a couple of days ago.

I thought the writing in this book was absolutely gorgeous. And I loved the dialogue between Violet. But while I was reading I felt a sense of familiarity, and it wasn’t until I read other reviews that i realized it was pretty close to being ‘The Fault in Our Stars’.

Now the characters. I felt like I could’t connect with any of them. Like what Raeleen (padfootandprongs07) said, “the characters become their illness.” Violet had some character development, but it kind of felt like any other YA girl learning to ‘live’ again. And I feel as if Finch did not get the development he deserved.

But overall I did enjoy reading this books, and I can understand why people love and connect with it as much as they do. If you decide to pick this book up, I hope you enjoy it.


Asylum - Madeleine Roux “Sometimes, Dan, friends have to take a stand and say:
Hey, idiot, we’re here for you no matter what. We’re not
going to disappear when you get grumpy or angry, we’re in
this for the long haul. We’re in this for each other.”

The characters in this book were likable, although I did not personally relate to any of them, does not mean that nobody will or can. I thought the character development was well done, you got to see how certain things led to their development.

Personally the writing was just okay. It wasn’t memorable or anything extraordinary, just okay. But the plot made the book more enjoyable. I think Madeleine did a good job with the world building. She put in so much history about the characters and the asylum its self, that I felt like i had spent hours researching myself.

Also I loved the pictures. They just made everything more creepy.

Overall I really enjoyed reading Asylum, and plan to pick up and read the rest of the series one day.

Let it Snow

Let it Snow - Lauren Myracle, John Green, Maureen Johnson I gave this book 4 stars on Goodreads. I enjoyed reading it, but just i didn’t love it. I would recommend it to people who enjoy reading cute contemporary type books.

I came across this book because I have already read all other John Green books and this was the last one that i haven’t read yet, so naturally I had to read it.

“Once you think a thought, it is extremely difficult to unthink it.”

The Jubilee Express - Maureen Johnson

The first story, The Jubilee Express, was my favorite out of the 3 stories. I loved Jubilee, she just felt like such a lovable character. Although I kind of felt like she did not have an abundance of character development, but I also felt the story didn’t need abundances of character development. My favorite part of this story was the writing. I love Maureen Johnson’s writing. I have loved her writing ever since I read, “13 Little Blue Envelopes.”

A Cheertastic Christmas Miracle - John Green

The second story, A Cheertastic Christmas Miracle, was a close second to being my favorite story. I like the characters well enough, but i just did not feel as if I could relate or connect with any of them. Although I do feel the plot was well done. I love reading about misfortune. I like to see how people will react and respond to unfortunate events. And of course, because it was John Green, I loved the writing. I don’t always love the plots of John Green books, but I have never not liked the writing of his books.

The Patron Saint of Pigs - Lauren Myracle

The third story, The Patron Saint of Pigs, was my least favorite story. For most of the story, it felt kind of whiny. I know that was kind of the point, but it made it less enjoyable to me. I liked how in this final story all the other characters from the other stories came together at the end, but i wasn’t a big fan on the main character in this story. The writing was okay, there did not seem to be anything special that really stood out to me.

So that is it. That’s all i have to say about Let it Snow.

The Ask and the Answer

The Ask and the Answer  - Patrick Ness This is my first ever attempt to write a book review. I hope its not a complete mess.

This may contain spoilers.

I gave this book 4 stars on Goodreads. Which means I quite enjoyed reading it and would recommend it to a friend, but it wasn’t super amazing or memorable.

“So who are you then, Todd Hewitt? What makes you so special?”

I don’t remember the details of how i came across this series, but i remember i was watching a book haul on YouTube, i don’t remember which YouTube, but this series caught my eye. I am so in love with these covers. So when I saw The Knife of Never Letting Go in Coles I bought it without knowing what it was about. I loved it. So I bought the second one, and here i am attempting my first book review.

First I want to start off with saying that I find Patrick Ness’ writing beautiful. I especially enjoyed the writing in A monster Calls. When I first started reading The Chaos Walking series I was a little confused with the spelling of some words, for example stayshun instead of station. As I continued reading I found that the spelling actually helped with Todd’s character building through out the story line. It felt more like a specific person narrating that we got to know everything about, from his thought to how he spoke to himself and others.

Although for the most part I quite enjoyed this book, it did feet a little slow at times, like it was dragging on waiting for something big to happen. I also felt that all the wonderful world building from the first book kind of just stopped in this one. I know it was the second book and all the secrets from the first book were revealed, but it just felt like there could have been more world building. And more adventure and action.

I think Davy was a character I never thought I would have begun to like and even feel sorry for at times. I think that Davy’s character development was great, I honestly never expected it. He changed from almost mindlessly following his Pa to realizing that he need to do what his Pa asked of him in order to survive and gain his approval, while now having his own opinions and beginning to become his own person. He even begun to think of Todd and his friend, even though they were supposed to be enemies because Davy’s Pa had it out for Todd.

Okay so that is all i have to say about this book at the moment.