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The Ask and the Answer

The Ask and the Answer  - Patrick Ness This is my first ever attempt to write a book review. I hope its not a complete mess.

This may contain spoilers.

I gave this book 4 stars on Goodreads. Which means I quite enjoyed reading it and would recommend it to a friend, but it wasn’t super amazing or memorable.

“So who are you then, Todd Hewitt? What makes you so special?”

I don’t remember the details of how i came across this series, but i remember i was watching a book haul on YouTube, i don’t remember which YouTube, but this series caught my eye. I am so in love with these covers. So when I saw The Knife of Never Letting Go in Coles I bought it without knowing what it was about. I loved it. So I bought the second one, and here i am attempting my first book review.

First I want to start off with saying that I find Patrick Ness’ writing beautiful. I especially enjoyed the writing in A monster Calls. When I first started reading The Chaos Walking series I was a little confused with the spelling of some words, for example stayshun instead of station. As I continued reading I found that the spelling actually helped with Todd’s character building through out the story line. It felt more like a specific person narrating that we got to know everything about, from his thought to how he spoke to himself and others.

Although for the most part I quite enjoyed this book, it did feet a little slow at times, like it was dragging on waiting for something big to happen. I also felt that all the wonderful world building from the first book kind of just stopped in this one. I know it was the second book and all the secrets from the first book were revealed, but it just felt like there could have been more world building. And more adventure and action.

I think Davy was a character I never thought I would have begun to like and even feel sorry for at times. I think that Davy’s character development was great, I honestly never expected it. He changed from almost mindlessly following his Pa to realizing that he need to do what his Pa asked of him in order to survive and gain his approval, while now having his own opinions and beginning to become his own person. He even begun to think of Todd and his friend, even though they were supposed to be enemies because Davy’s Pa had it out for Todd.

Okay so that is all i have to say about this book at the moment.